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CO2:Meltdown! is currently an abridged Carbon simulator allowing the player to capture Carbon in the water and/or trees. However as your earth becomes overwhelmed with Carbon, heat, in the form of the sun's rays, is trapped in the atmosphere. As the water temperature and atmosphere heat up the planet the icecaps melt and flood the earth.

Use your hands to grab CO2 Monstercules and move them into the oceans or the trees. Do so quickly, because as the Carbon Mostercules multiply they trap the sun's rays in the atmosphere. This in turn heats up the ocean's and floods the Earth.

Conceived as a graduate school independent project over two and a half years ago, Jeff and Shannon Lofvers of Gray Cypress Environmental have finally brought their idea to fruition. There is also much more to come! Their plan is to build the simulator out into a game that is fun to play while demonstrating the realities of climate change. The player will have an entire city with an industry to grow and build. How the player decides to grow will affect the city's quality of life and ultimately the fate of their plant.

Install instructions

This Windows game requires LeapMotion and Oculus Rift.


co2meltdown.zip 16 MB


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What version of the Oculus runtime does this require?

Apologies for the delayed response. This demo requires Oculus runtime.